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Bridal Makeup Pricing:

Bride $100

Bridesmaid $100

Mother of Bride/Groom $85

Trial Makeup $85

Flowergirl FREE (Lipgloss and Blush applied.)

Travel Price Depending on location:

(Roughly $1 per km. Minimum call out fee $50)

Please Email

For Bridal Enquiries / Quotes / Availability

Include Name, Contact Number, Number of Makeups and Location where you will be getting ready. Allow a couple of business days for a response. 

Glowing Skin for your Big Day?

There is a few things I recommend leading up to your Wedding Day!

One thing I suggest is don't leave any changes in skincare / skin regime within 4-6 weeks before Wedding. I suggest this so there's no risk of any unexpected negative responses / changes in skin so close to the date.

My biggest request for all my Brides is to keep their skin SUPER NOURISHED & HYDRATED!!! This is crucial in achieving a gorgeous glowing bridal look.

A Healthy Skincare Regime

We best advise you to book an appointment for a Facial or a Skin Revision for this. This is to guarantee you're pointed in the right direction for the best products for your skin type and your skin needs.

Your staple saviour products will be:

- Cleanser, Daily

- Exfoliating once or twice a week

- Vitamin C Serum: Amazing for skin brightening!

- Vitamin C and Retinol Mask from Emergin C is THE BOMB and I recommend this to all my Brides. This is something to put on the night before the Wedding for the ultimate Skin Radiance and Glow!

- Moisturiser, Daily

- If you're skin is dry, a nourishing oil

Our Internal Health can be detrimental to our skin, we recommend internally treating your skin with:

- Zinc Supplement - Skin Healing

-Essential Fatty Acid Supplement (EFA's), Amazing for optimum Skin Health, Skin Inflammation and Skin Hydration. Best through a high quality Fish Oil supplement. As well as getting healthy fats through diet.

- Greens - Because we all know how great our greens are, right?!

We say all of this to suit a very broad range of clientele, for more info contact Ash via email.

- Water!!!!! And plenty of it xx

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